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Cold-Formed Steel Introductory Glossary

A handy reference guide to lock down the basics of cold-formed steel framing, from A to Z. Originally posted at buildsteel.org When it comes to designing and building with cold-formed steel framing, you need a good grasp of industry and technical terms, from adjusted shear resistance to z-shape. To provide a [...]

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Steel Framing is Green

Steel’s many positive benefits make it a successful framing material. Originally posted at Metal Construction News By Chuck Haba and Nikki Mezic Posted November 02, 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Cold-formed steel framing (CFS) is a highly sustainable, green building solution. Through technological advances and processing changes, steel has drastically reduced its carbon footprint. CFS boasts [...]

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Resilient Construction: Building Structures That Withstand Nature’s Fury

More than 1,600 homes and businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura counties were destroyed and at least three people were killed in the Woolsey fire in 2018. Originally posted at Forbes.com POST WRITTEN BY Nikhil Choudhary CEO at Zenith Engineers Inc responsible for operations, estimating, sales and strategy. Love challenges! LinkedIn   The Camp Fire in [...]

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Construction Companies Adjust to the Vagaries of Wood Prices by Building with Steel

With material prices in a state of flux, builders report having good results with cold-formed steel (CFS) framing, which is strong, sturdy and non-combustible. Originally posted at Buildsteel.org Excalibur Construction, Inc., Sheridan, Wy., used to order its building materials on a per-house basis. As of May, the firm was ordering materials by [...]

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Why Are We Still Building Homes Like It’s 1832?

Building professionals are turning to cold-formed steel (CFS) framing to build structures that meet the sustainable and economical needs of today’s homeowners. Originally posted at Buildsteel.org The building method for wood-framed homes in the United States has changed little since the mid-1800s. Due to current construction methods, maintenance is often required after [...]

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Prefabricated Steel Panels Boost Quality and Construction Speed for Church and Retirement Community Projects

Two projects, a Latter-day Saints church in Australia and a retirement community in Canada, show how prefabricated cold-formed steel (CFS) wall and roof truss systems help ensure straight and accurate construction and improved construction schedules versus wood framing and concrete framing alternatives. Originally posted at Buildsteel.org Photo Credit: SBS Group In order to [...]

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Lumber Costs Create Sticker Shock, Calls for Alternatives

Americans face sticker shock as they shop for new homes and budget for home improvement projects. Experts call for a switch to wood alternatives. Originally posted at Buildsteel.org According to National Association of Home Builders’s online newsletter Eye on Housing, the latest estimates show the rising softwood lumber prices over the last [...]

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5 Areas Where Cold-Formed Steel Opens Up Design Possibilities

Some building materials make it hard to achieve certain architectural goals. Here’s how cold-formed steel opens up more design possibilities. Originally posted at Buildsteel.org Great architecture can serve to make a statement, reflect contemporary preferences, or create community. However, achieving that desired aesthetic can present tricky construction challenges. Some of the most [...]

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Truss Assemblies: How Cold-Formed Steel Performs Compared to Other Common Materials

How Steel Trusses Perform Originally posted at Buildsteel.org One of the most efficient systems in a low- to mid-rise structure is none other than the truss assembly supporting the roof. This is true especially when the trusses are fabricated with cold-formed steel chords and webs with rolled edges. The pairing of high-strength, [...]

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