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Resiliency with Cold-Formed Steel

Because cold-formed steel is such a ductile material it provides a higher degree of resistance to lateral loads such as those imposed by seismic or high wind events. It also gives CFS framed wall and ceiling assemblies a higher resistance to uplift and gravity loading. Originally posted at csengineermag.com When Looking to [...]

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Steel Industry Responds to Claims of Wood’s Sustainability

The sustainable benefits of using mass timber for building construction often rely on assumptions, rather than science. What do the facts say? Originally posted at BuildSteel.com A recent article in The New York Times examined cross-laminated timber (CLT) and mass timber as green building materials. The Times referred to CLT and mass [...]

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How to Earn Green by Going Green With Cold-Formed Steel Framing

There are many financial benefits to constructing sustainable buildings. Cold-formed steel framing can help you earn those incentives in several ways. Originally posted at BuildSteel.com A growing number of organizations are now offering building owners financial incentives for making their buildings sustainable and energy efficient. For example, a Freddie Mac program called [...]

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Why Wood Quality is Declining and Steel is Taking Over

Why Is Wood Quality is Declining? Wood products have declined in quality in recent years; the hardness and durability have declined, partially because of the protections of old growth forests. This means a wood framed home just cannot stand up to a steel framed home. The bolts used to put a [...]

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Cold-Formed Steel Installs During Tough Canadian Winter, Saving College Time and Money Cold-Formed Steel Installs During Tough Canadian Winter, Saving College Time and Money

By timing construction so the foundations were poured before winter, crews installed load-bearing wall systems and roof joists during the coldest months of the year. Originally posted on Buildsteel.org Sheridan College Student Residence: The Trafalgar campus of Sheridan College’s new student residence features load-bearing cold-formed steel installed on concrete foundations poured before winter [...]

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5 Projects That Saved Thousands of Dollars With Cold-Formed Steel

Cold-formed steel framing can lead to significant project savings. Here are five examples of real-life projects that saved thousands because of CFS. Originally posted at Buildsteel.org Controlling costs is essential to staying within budget for a project — but there are factors to consider beyond raw material prices, energy, and labor. The [...]

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The benefits of BIM for interior steel framing

Originally posted to Constructionspecifier.com by Mike Murzyn Building information modeling (BIM) is quickly becoming a formal procedure for modern steel construction. From software that optimizes the building envelope with information on dead load and structural load inputs for wind, seismic, and other requirements, to programs enabling sustainable design by addressing energy efficiency and [...]

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We have developed Synergy University for the trade partners as much as for our employees.

What about our trades? General Contractors switching from wood to light gauge steel often ask "What about our trades? How will they feel about the change? How does that work?".... Well, honestly, we love that question! Synergy is not just our name, it's how we work. We have developed Synergy University for [...]

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Forbes: Multiple Benefits Suggest Steel Construction’s Time Has Arrived

Are you surprised by the growing interest in steel construction? Originally posted at Forbes.com Did you catch the news over the weekend? Hurricanes Marco and Laura were poised to unleash a twin bill of destruction across Louisiana. In California, lighting and wind storms threatened to intensify hundreds of already-raging wildfires. Iowans continued [...]

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