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Synergy Steel is excited to kick off Hardy Springs, a 55+ age exclusive rental community by Highlands Residential constructed by Genoa Construction.  Hardy Springs will consist of 149 single story cottages with garages accompanied by a Clubhouse utilizing Synergy Steel’s light gauge steel  panelization. Contact Synergy Steel at info@synergysteelcorp.com or at (888) 274-9004 to learn more [...]

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Video – 3 Benefits of Using Cold-Formed Steel Framing Wall Panels

Originally posted at BuildSteel.org Panelization is frequently used with cold-formed steel framing and provides many advantages. This video explains three of the most significant benefits.

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Multiple Benefits Suggest Steel Construction’s Time Has Arrived

Originally posted by Jeffery Steele at Forbes.com Did you catch the news over the weekend? Hurricanes Marco and Laura were poised to unleash a twin bill of destruction across Louisiana. In California, lighting and wind storms threatened to intensify hundreds of already-raging wildfires. Iowans continued tallying damages from this month's derecho, which left many [...]

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Building Your Most Cost-Effective Mid-Rise Building

Builders can meet market needs, meet safety requirements, and build cost-effective and environmentally sensitive mid-rise buildings with these five tips. Originally posted by Sarah Buckley at BuildSteel.org The state of the global economy has changed the construction market for the next several years. Growing demand for mid-rise buildings, including apartments, condominiums, senior [...]

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Have you noticed that wood prices are soaring?

Framing lumber is up by 130% since mid—April. OSB has risen 138% in a year. Time to switch to cold-formed steel framing and trusses? Originally posted by Sarah Buckley at BuildSteel.org Lumber prices have recently skyrocketed due to significant shortages of the commodity, a shortage that has been made worse by tariffs [...]

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3 Ways Cold-Formed Steel Slashes Construction Waste (and Costs)

Reducing construction waste by building with cold-formed steel framing can help building owners reign in project costs and protect the environment. Originally posted by Sarah Buckley at BuildSteel.org Waste is a growing concern in the construction industry, posing significant risk to the environment. In 2014 alone, 534 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) [...]

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Steel Framed Homes: Timber vs Steel Frame (Pros & Cons)

Originally posted by Sarah Buckley at ArchitectureandDesign.com How long have steel framed houses been in use? When it comes to homes in Australia, many people think Steel Framed Homes are a relatively new concept in modern housing.  However, what many people don’t realise is that steel has been used as a building material for [...]

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How Do You Connect Cold-Formed Steel Framing to Other Materials?

Cold-formed steel framing is a versatile material because it can be connected to a variety of other materials. Here’s how to make those unions successful. Originally posted on BuildSteel.org Cold-formed steel (CFS) framing is a versatile building material because it can be connected to a variety of other materials. But how do [...]

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Resiliency with Cold-Formed Steel

Because cold-formed steel is such a ductile material it provides a higher degree of resistance to lateral loads such as those imposed by seismic or high wind events. It also gives CFS framed wall and ceiling assemblies a higher resistance to uplift and gravity loading. Originally posted at csengineermag.com When Looking to [...]

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Steel Industry Responds to Claims of Wood’s Sustainability

The sustainable benefits of using mass timber for building construction often rely on assumptions, rather than science. What do the facts say? Originally posted at BuildSteel.com A recent article in The New York Times examined cross-laminated timber (CLT) and mass timber as green building materials. The Times referred to CLT and mass [...]

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