Professional Engineering Services


SynTech is a valuable partner allowing us to offer 3D BIM modeling and design engineering services to our clients.

The experienced team at SynTech has proven to be a valuable ally and a tremendous resource saving our clients thousands of dollars.  Design and engineering issues as well as MEP conflicts that occur in the field are common across the industry.  With proper planning upfront, these typical and unfortunately industry accepted issues are avoided allowing us to stay on schedule and within budget.

Syntech uses Revit® to drive efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualization, and analysis to fabrication and construction. Revit® allows for the creation of coordinated, consistent, and complete model-based designs.


CAD to BIM, Point Cloud to BIM, Parametric Family, LOD Model, 4D & 5D Support, Model Phasing

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM  is a process based on smart 3D BIM modeling software. That makes it possible for architects and engineers in project development to interact and iterate. BIM provides the insight and tools to plan, design, construct and manage buildings more efficiently.

3D BIM modeling services are part of a workflow that creates and manages 3D building information and data during its development. BIM modeling services must not be mistaken with Revit services, as there is some other BIM software available. All the same, Revit is the most popular BIM software.

What makes a model a BIM model is information. This is useful for both engineering and construction. Each component allows BIM coordinators to extract sheets and conduct a thorough analysis. That analysis includes structural, energy, calculation, budget, quantity take-offs, all in one model.

The Syntech Advantage

BIM services acts as a backbone to the architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants for innovative solutions.

Syntech construction professionals implement BIM to help assemble projects in a virtual environment, identifying potential problems at the initial stage for clash detection and allowing conflict resolutions. Our skilled BIM experts facilitate project coordination, risk mitigation, logistics planning, and cost optimization through Building Information Modeling components and services to the client with their perspective vision through 3D Visualization, Animation Walkthrough, and 3D Modeling.

From design to reality. We have proven that putting the work in up front with the trade partners, during the design phase, makes the field crews so much more efficient and structured. Designing buildings with the trades in mind makes the job smoother and faster for our General Contractors and fellow trade partners. Working together in collaboration with our fellow trade partners to design buildings with a clear path is the key to success, efficiency, and higher profit margins for everyone.

The Advantages of Laser Imaging

The laser scan is very beneficial not only to have a better understanding of the imperfections in the slab, but for all plumbing and electrical penetrations.  We will take that scan data and incorporate it into our wall panels, allowing us to plan the most efficient course for our field installation crews.

Laser imaging identifies undulations in the slab. We can pin-point areas requiring attention from depressions and inconsistencies in the slab which can affect the levelness of the building panels. It also allows us to identify areas where additional support or fill is required in the low spots and/or grinding that would be required in the high spots prior to vertical construction starting.

3D plan overlay

This allows us to identify all mechanical stub outs within the slab. This particular image details where the plumbing drain lines missed the wall locations. It allows dialogue and decisions of resolution, prior to completing the building’s manufacturing process and the vertical construction start.


If you would like to submit your wood plans for an evaluation, we are happy to take you through our easy process.

Synergy Steel makes it easy to initiate new projects and convert existing wood projects to steel with a proven turnkey approach that accounts for every detail and delivers a superior build.

One of our BIM professional consultants will follow-up with you and discuss the particulars of your project. We can establish a timeline and collect relevant data so that the next conversation we have will be dominated by the subject of how many benefits you have accrued by choosing to convert to steel.