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Complete Steel-Framed Home Kits Delivered and Assembled

About Our Home Kits

Panelization is a prefabrication technique that allows for the assembly of walls panels off-site in a controlled manufacturing environment. Panelization is an ideal manufacturing method for cold-formed steel framing systems as members can be cut to exact links.

Panelization significantly shortens the construction schedule compared to traditional building methods. By utilizing panelized building systems, owners, developers, and the construction team all benefit from the quality materials produced in a controlled work environment. Additional benefits include flexibility in design, increased durability (CFS panels will not shrink, split, warp, or crack) cost savings, reduced on-site labor, and lower maintenance.

These light gauge framing members are structurally sound and provide an alternative solution to typical block and plank construction. Load bearing walls, flooring systems, and roof assemblies are panelized to allow for a quality exterior shell to be completed quickly and safely, while still generating cost savings.

Grove Series

Beautifully designed Ranch and Ranch and ½ kits. The homes range from 1,454 to 2,831 sqft., steel-framed and ready to build right off the truck.