Synergy Steel University

Securing Our Future Through World-Class Training

Synergy University provides a pathway of education, knowledge, and teamwork for the implementation of Light Gauge Steel.

Synergy Steel University (SSU) supports Synergy staff and licensees, fellow trade partners, general contractors, owners, architects, engineers, and even municipalities.  With over 100 years’ experience in general contracting, framing, and lean manufacturing among our executives, we believe that sharing this knowledge and working together achieves the most positive outcomes.  SSU’s program is inclusive and encourages a team approach to every project through design, manufacturing, and installation. Moreover, it enhances productivity and profitability for everyone who is involved in the building process.  The SSU program includes a variety of topics:

  • Technical data properties of light gauge steel components
  • BIM 3D modeling
  • Key elements and advantages of wall panelization
    • RTA panelization
    • Applications with varied floor systems
    • MEP design implementation
    • Shop drawings and layouts
  • Strategic truss design
    • MEP design implementation
    • Applicable sheathing options
    • Shop drawings and layouts
  • Lean manufacturing principles and processes
  • Transportation and delivery staging
  • Utilization of lean installation methods
  • MEP and finish trade partner use and efficiencies

SSU contributes to our proven Synergy philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Synergy Steel is a leader in the light gauge steel industry, in large part to our innovative and collaborative processes. We proudly offer this training program and provide the knowledge of our product and methodologies to all who partner in success with us.