What about our trades?

General Contractors switching from wood to light gauge steel often ask “What about our trades? How will they feel about the change? How does that work?”….

Well, honestly, we love that question! Synergy is not just our name, it’s how we work. We have developed Synergy University for the trade partners as much as for our employees. We dedicate our team to help in educating trade partners, project managers, and field crews on our process and the ease of working with light gauge steel, all the way down to the fastener to use at each phase. We show the advantages of building virtually before we build on site and even invite them to speak with other trades already working with us on site.

We understand the most important part of constructing a project is trade collaboration and working to identify and prevent issues before we start, so that there is no stopping once we begin.

It’s just a simple change in fastener and mindset to make each project faster, easier, and more profitable for everyone working in it. www.synergysteelcorp.com

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