Leading ICC Certified Manufacturer of Light Gauge Steel Wall Panels, Trusses, and Affordable Structures

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Leading provider of wall panels, designed with trade partners in mind. Offsite panelization creates schedule reductions, higher profit margins.

Multi-Family/Student Housing

Light gauge steel's durability, non-combustible characteristics, and countless benefits compliment community housing.

Assisted Living

LGS construction promotes strong, safe dwelling units with its inherent non-combustible properties. Offsite prefabrication drives jobsite efficiency.


LGS construction benefits homeowners throughout the dwelling's lifecycle. Our lean construction processes promote a cleaner, safer, faster build.

Storage Facilities

Cost effective pre-designed components, built offsite and delivered, allow for speed of vertical construction. Engineered to each project's specifications.

Commercial/Mixed Use

LGS construction benefits apply to a variety of diverse projects. Innovative designs and engineering provide solutions to nearly all builds.


As a client of Synergy Steel, we would like to say thank you for being an incredible building partner. With rising lumber costs and a shortage of skilled framing labor, as a homebuilder, we had to do something different. Switching from traditional stick-built wood framing to light gauge steel panelization has reduced our cycle time, waste, and labor headache. We instantly saw the benefits not only to our bottom line but also in our finished product.

Pete RamadanovicBroadstreet Homes Inc.

We engaged Synergy Steel to deliver an infill townhouse project in the Charlotte market. They participated in every phase of pre-construction, going as far as hosting several local building code officials and inspectors to ensure they were educated on their product. Once construction started, their efficiency and coordination were top tier. Faster … straighter … cleaner … they beat our experience with wood framing at every turn. Incredible product and incredible team. I cannot recommend this group enough!

Kyle diPretoroPresident, CapRock Construction

An awesome high quality townhome and a great partner bringing the community to fruition! Thanks Synergy Steel!

Jamie Pou

Synergy Steel is the leading manufacturer and provider of steel components for walls and trusses in the commercial and residential construction industries.