Sustainability & Green Building

Reduce Material, Reuse, and Recycle Your Next Project with Steel Originally posted at Steel Framing Alliance Steel Fast Facts Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. The industry has embraced the common-sense approach that reducing its impact on the environment is not [...]

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Steel Framing: The Future of Hotel Construction

Today, many hotels are being constructed out of prefabricated steel framing systems rather than traditional wood or expensive and time-consuming concrete. Originally posted at The biggest difference with steel-framed buildings – especially ones constructed off-site to precise specifications – is that they require significantly less manpower and materials, not only [...]

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Steel Studs Make Bob Vila’s “Best Tips” List

Steel studs make Bob Vila’s ‘75 Best Tips List’ for rehabilitation projects, and a contractor demonstrates the ease of installation for a renovation project in Brooklyn, New York. Originally posted at Bob Vila, known for hosting the television shows This Old House, Bob Vila’s Home Again, Bob Vila, and Restore America [...]

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Factory-built load bearing walls to help revolutionize building

At an unfinished Kingsville, Ontario condo penthouse suite, A-LINX plant manager Matt Pellitteri points to a light gauge steel wall topped by a continuous beam manufactured at A-LINX’s plant, delivered onsite and supporting point loads of cold-formed steel roof trusses. By Ron Stang Originally posted at The new five-story-plus penthouse [...]

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Cold-Formed Steel Introductory Glossary

A handy reference guide to lock down the basics of cold-formed steel framing, from A to Z. Originally posted at When it comes to designing and building with cold-formed steel framing, you need a good grasp of industry and technical terms, from adjusted shear resistance to z-shape. To provide a [...]

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NAHB Survey: Builders Willing to Learn about Alternatives to Wood Framing

With the recent increase in construction prices, a survey from NAHB indicates that builders are willing to learn about wood-alternative framing systems. Originally posted at Post Written by:  SFIA (Steel Framing Industry Association) Beginning in mid-2020, lumber prices have seen record increases and, despite recent declines, remain at historic [...]

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Steel Framing is Green

Steel’s many positive benefits make it a successful framing material. Originally posted at Metal Construction News By Chuck Haba and Nikki Mezic Posted November 02, 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Cold-formed steel framing (CFS) is a highly sustainable, green building solution. Through technological advances and processing changes, steel has drastically reduced its carbon footprint. CFS boasts [...]

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4 Reasons Prefabrication is Here to Stay

The pandemic has led builders to rethink the use of prefabrication techniques for the construction of housing in the United States. Prefabrication with cold-formed steel (CFS) framing solves many of the industry’s biggest challenges. Originally posted at Post Written by:  SFIA (Steel Framing Industry Association) Photo: Over 9,000 linear [...]

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Prefabrication with Cold Formed Steel Saves 14 Working Days or More

PDM Constructors has roll formers, CNC machines and 450 employees manufacturing cold-formed steel (CFS) assemblies that save weeks on projects and improve job-site safety. Originally posted at Post Written by:  SFIA (Steel Framing Industry Association) All photos courtesy PDM Constructors PDM Constructors, North Wales, Pa., is an interior finishing [...]

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